North Peninsula Branch of AAUW - California - 2008-2009 Meetings

March 2009
Women's Month and Book Sale

Speaker: Erica Wildy, Senior Science Educator, California Academy of Sciences
Topic: "New California Academy of Sciences"
Date: Monday, March 23, 2009, 7 PM to 9 PM
Place: Millbrae Library
Chair: Gerry Silberstein


"The World is Warming"
by Ida J. Lewenstein

The dye is cast,
The experts say.
The world is warming
Day by Day.
We've ignored the warnings.
It's quite alarming.
Polar ice is melting.
Penguins are starving.
Polar bears are losing
Their hunting ground.
The seas are rising
All around.
Precious time
We've frittered away.
Now the piper
We must pay.
No time to waste.
We must act soon.
How long can we ignore
The ELEPHANT In the room?


"Those Little Green Men from Mars"
by Ida J. Lewenstein

One day, some little green men
From Planet Mars
Were tooling around
Among the stars.
They were looking and listening,
As we do here,
For signs of life
In the OUTER atmosphere.
Then all of a sudden,
There came a faint sound
That seemed to be coming
From down here on the ground.
They jacked up their antennas
And were able to hear
Proud young voices
Singing loud and clear.
Said one, "Let's go down
And check this out.
Let's see for ourselves
What they're singing about."
So they revved up their motor,
Cut a path through the stars,
Sped like a comet down
To this land of ours.
They hovered above
Vast carpets of green,
Eyeing things no Martian
Had ever seen.
For up there on Mars,
That great red ball,
There is nothing but rocks,
No green at all.
But here as they crossed those majestic peaks,
Peered down at the amber waves of grain.
They remembered those proud young voices
Singing that stirring refrain.
"America, America,
God shed his grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood,
From sea to shining sea."
And they wondered out loud,
As they continued to roam,
What on earth would they say
When they get home?
As their thoughts turned to Mars
And that rock-strewn terrain,
They knew going home
Would NEVER be the same.


"Consider the Litter"
by Ida J. Lewenstein

Consider the litter we so willingly disown.
It keeps on growing with a life of its own.
It’s out there! It’s down there!
It’s around every turn.
We neglect it! We reject it!
It’s not our concern.
It slips from our fingers and on to the street,
But we keep on walking—never missing a beat.
The wrapper—the bag—
The styrofoam cup—
We expect some do-gooder
Will soon pick it up!
It’s curious that we humans
With out superior brain,
Act in ways that are hard to explain.
But deep in the jungle and way out of sight,
There’s a group of monkeys
That do things just right.
They know a good way to keep their place clean,
And under their tree leave no messy scene.
You see they’re the sort that eat all of their meal.
They enjoy the banana and also the peel.
I think from these monkeys
We can all take our cue
And eat our snack food
As these bright creatures do.
Oh, how I wish
For an edible dish
And an edible can and cup.
Oh, what a treat
To walk down the street
And find no trash
To pick up!

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